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Want your Home Windows to be long lasting? Focus on these 7 Major Areas

Window maintenance is an important task that every homeowner should undertake. Think about the cracked panes, squeaking hinges, rusty handles and unbalanced rollers. All these defects can be a disaster in waiting, not forgetting the probability of accidents that can occur. The cost of replacing such parts can be huge, but you can avoid the problem with regular maintenance and some common sense. The following are major areas that you should regularly check to ensure durable windows.

Condensation on Glass Windows

Water droplets condense on the windows when humidity is extremely high. Some of the areas that are prone to high condensation are the bathroom, kitchen, and the garage. Condensed water causes rusting which weakens parts such as the hinges and rollers. You can use fans or a dehumidifier to get rid of the excess water in the environment.

Window Screens

The screen is a vital part of your window as it allows air into your home while at the same time, restricting bugs. With time, the screen traps dust and debris which restricts free airflow. You should clean them often and replace them when defective. Use warm to hot water and a soft brush to scrub both sides. Rinse the screens thoroughly using a hose before reinstallation. Follow the user guidelines when removing window screens to avoid damage.

Weather Strips

A weather strip acts as a shield that prevents the external weather variations from adversely affecting the indoors. Think about the extremely low temperatures during the winter months or excessive heat in summer- you need energy efficiency. You do not need an expert to maintain these parts because regular cleaning is normally just enough. Always replace the weather stripping when it becomes ineffective.

Exterior Frames

Whether you have wooden or metallic frames cleaning twice per year is usually enough. Make sure finishes are updated, especially on wood windows, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Locks and latches

Movement of these parts can cause wear and tear and significant degradation of the entire system. Frequent lubrication is essential as it ensures that they move swiftly and with lower friction. You should tighten loose latches before the situation gets out of hand. Broken locks call for an immediate replacement to ensure that your house is always safe and secure.


Window blinds are a major component of your home, and they say much about your personality and taste. The only maintenance that such parts require is regular cleaning using an antiseptic spray. Although not an integral part of your windows, we thought they were worth a mention.


A broken window pane can lead to high energy costs due to draughts and reduced window insulation functionality. Professionals are best suited to replace panes because the task is technical. Never leave broken or cracked windows, get them sorted as soon as possible. They can be very dangerous. Keeping your windows in good shape enhances their efficiency and also keeps your house secure. Some tasks demand professional help while others are simple and you can do them by yourself.

Six Reasons You Need Replacement Windows for Your Home

Windows are a very important aspect of our homes. Not only do they serve as ventilation; they also add to the beauty of our homes, offer us protection against various hazards, reflect our styles and personalities, and more. Also, when they are effective (that is, high performing), the benefits are numerous. When thinking of updating your windows but you aren’t certain if the upgrade is necessary, here is a checklist of six points to keep in mind as you decide:

Protection Against Burglary

Burglary is a problem faced by many UK citizens. In fact, the number of domestic burglary incidents in England and Wales for the year ending March 2016, according to the Office for National Statistics, is 701,000. Therefore, it’s essential that you reinforce your windows as best you can. For instance, by upgrading to double glazing and laminated or tempered glass, which are tougher and more burglar resistant than single-paned windows and traditional glass.

Energy Efficiency

How energy efficient are your windows? Recent window technologies like Low E glass and double glazing (and the thermal breaking and gas fillings that come with it) have made it possible for homeowners to cut down on the energy they use for cooling and heating their homes. Low E glass reflects heat back into your home, while still allowing in ample heat and natural light from the sun. The air-tightness of double glazing, on the other hand, will help your home maintain its temperature by trapping heat, or cooling your home, and thus, reducing your energy spending on air conditioning.

Your Windows Are Damaged

Damages in a window can come in various forms: fogging, warping, broken glass, cracks in the frames, or perhaps the window is simply timeworn or outdated. Typically, when a window is damaged, the simplest solution is replacing the damaged part. Failure to do so will only mar its energy performance and its elegance- possibly even pose health or safety hazards. Therefore, if your window is damaged, don’t hesitate to replace the defective parts.

Improve the Appearance of Your Home

When looking to enhance the appearance of your home, your windows should rank among the top places to focus on. This is especially true if your windows are outdated or damaged. With modern windows introducing more aesthetic elements like assorted window materials, designs, and frame colours to choose from, no one is going to fault you for updating your windows simply for aesthetic reasons.

Protection from Outside Noise

If you reside in a noisy environment that is close to traffic, a railway, or an airport; or you simply value your privacy and want to shut out the world’s babbles while in your home, then upgrading your windows to make them sound proof is ideal.  The combination of double glazing and acoustic glass makes that possible.

Protection from UV Light

We all know that UV light is damaging both to the human skin and to our properties. Thanks to modern window technology, homeowners can now upgrade to solar control glass, which basically lets in natural daylight only, by reflecting and filtering the sun's rays. If your home has a large glazed area or a glass roof, then upgrading to solar control glass becomes a necessity. Now that you know the points to deliberate on and the signs to look out for when considering whether or not to find replacements for your windows, it’s time to get to work and actually discover and replace those parts of your windows that need your attention. Don’t hesitate. High-performance windows ensure your comfort in your home. Don’t compromise that.

Four Eco-Friendly Window Treatments for Your Home

When you want to add elegance to your home, window treatments rank among the top ways to do it. Window treatments allow you to introduce colours and patterns to your windows and thus give them and, of course, your home as a whole, a polished looked. What’s more, some window treatments can improve your home’s eco-friendliness. Not only can they help to regulate temperature in your home, they can also hamper the penetration of UV rays and the harsh glares of the sun. In addition, when integrating window treatments, you want to make sure that they are not hazardous to the environment. Here are four eco-friendly window treatments you can adopt:

Place Pot or Box Plants on Your Windowsills

Plants are an important part of our environment. They assimilate CO2 and produce oxygen. They also trap pollutants like dust, smoke, and ash, which are dangerous to our environment and health. Some ornamental plants will even scent your home with natural fragrances. If your windows have sizeable sills, then placing light pot or box plants on them are a great way to add natural colours to your windows and at the same time, enjoy the many benefits that plants offer our environment.

Install Custom Shutters

Summer can be harsh. The sun's rays during that season are harsh. While closing your windows and drawing the curtains can help protect you and your home, by reducing the penetration of the harsh rays, the downside is that you lose natural ventilation. But there is a way. Try installing shutters like hurricane and Bahama shutters. They make for ample ventilation, allowing in cool air and letting out hot air during summer. Also, they come in various colours, will beautify your windows, and will provide shade. Plus, your windows get added protection if you live in a location that is usually hit by storms.

Use Sustainable Window Films

Window films are great because they offer privacy while still letting in ample light. On top of that, they come in various beautiful designs that can easily blend with your home's interior design to produce elegance. While considering window films, avoid ones made of poly-vinyl chloride (PVC), as they are not easy to recycle, and they come with possible health hazards. Instead, go for window films made of polyolefin or ones that are vinyl-chloride free.

Install Solar Shades

Solar shades are very common. Some people call them blackout shades. A list of eco-friendly window treatments is not complete without solar shades. Not only do they come in assorted colours and designs to accentuate your home’s interior decoration, they also protect you and your home from the sun’s heat and glare, as well as from UV rays. Hence, they reduce the fading effect the sun has on furniture, and save you some money on your cooling bill. What’s more, they offer you privacy inside of your home. Tell me, what are the eco-friendly window treatments you have tried that worked for you? Feel free to share them with us in the comment area.

Five Ways to Make Your Windows Burglar Proof

When looking to burglar proof your home, your windows rank among the top places you should focus on, since windows are one of the most common ways burglars break into homes. This is especially true when your building is a bungalow or when you live on the ground floor of a multi-storey building. With the Office for National Statistics putting the number of domestic burglary incidents for the year ending March 2016 in England and Wales at 701,000, protecting your home against such incidents has never been more important. Here are five ways you can do that:

Use Reinforced Glass

There are two major types of glass reinforcements you can use for your windows--tempered glass and laminated glass (also known as safety glass). While they are both more expensive than traditional glass, they are much tougher to break. In fact, such glass can withstand repeated strikes from a burglar wielding a hammer or an axe. Although it can eventually break, the noise from the repeated strike is enough to alert you and your neighbours, so you can call for help in time.

Install Window Bars

When you have iron bars installed on your windows, your home becomes even more burglar resistant. While a burglar may be able to shatter your window glass, squeezing through the iron bars or dismantling them from the window, in order to pass, is difficult enough to make any burglar give up. If you fear that iron bars will mar the beauty of your home, then you should be happy to learn that there are many companies out there which make decorative ones.

Install Multiple Locks

If you are security conscious, then you might want to consider installing multiple locks on your windows to make them more secure. That way, if one lock gives in to a force, the others would still hold your window shut.

Install Window Alarms

Window alarms are very essential to the safety of every home. Not only will such alarms go off when a window is broken or opened, and thus warning you of a possible break in, it can also startle burglars and cause them to flee to avoid detection. Some alarms can also automatically send a call for help to the police or your alarm provider, in the event of a break in, whether you are at home or not.

Use Floodlights

Apart from an alarm going off, another thing that scares burglars is light. Have floodlights installed over your windows. If possible, install motion detector lighting. That way, any burglar who comes near your window will be too startled by the lights turning on, to continue with his or her devious plans. While there are other ways to make your windows burglar proof, the five mentioned above will go a long way. You can combine any two or more ways, to achieve better protection. It all depends on how much you are willing to invest in the security of your home. The truth is: no investment is too much for that purpose.

What Is Needed To Ensure Your Windows Are Delivered On Time?

When a window smashes in your home or you’re in the middle of building and realised that the ones you’ve got are the wrong size you’re probably going to want the next windows you order to arrive as soon as possible. Sometimes we don’t always get what you want, but if you take a look at some of these tips you might be able to ensure you get your new windows in no time:

Research the Company

Now that most businesses have an online service we don’t often put much thought as to where these businesses might be. Perhaps you’ve found a beautiful set of glass windows for a great price and it isn’t until after you’ve ordered them and read their website that you’ve realised their warehouse is located in a completely different country. When you’re looking for a speedy delivery sometimes it’s better to look local and pay a bit more than choose a cheaper option that would take weeks to deliver.

Don’t Leave Ordering Until the Last Minute

It’s understandable. We all do it sometimes .We get distracted, put off important things for a few days and finally, when the deadline starts rolling in, we panic and expect everything to be done in only a matter of hours. However, when delivery vans need to travel certain tens or even hundreds of miles to get your product to you they don’t have much of a choice as to how soon they’re going to arrive. This length of time also includes the company you ordered from finding and packaging the product and loading it into the van. People and vans can only move so quickly and rushing can sometimes result in damaged products. The best thing you can do to ensure that your windows arrive when you need them is to pick and order them without delay.

Chip in for Premium Delivery

Adding a couple of pounds onto your delivery cost doesn’t seem like such a terrible thing when you think about all the days you wouldn’t have waited waiting for your windows to arrive. If you’ve got an emergency and need new windows ASAP standard delivery isn’t going to make the situation any better. With only a couple of extra pounds you could have your windows installed at least three days earlier, which is more than fair.

Hire a Reliable Delivery Company

If you’re buying from a second hand seller you can’t always guarantee a delivery time. A lot of second hand sellers might hire cheap or poor quality couriers that may end up losing or damaging your product. However, you don’t have to agree to all of their terms. A simple discussion over the phone or through email can be the difference between getting your windows on time and not getting them at all. Discuss delivery options with the seller and, with their permission, you could arrange the delivery yourself. One of the best ways to ensure that your windows arrive on time is to hire the couriers yourself because you are aware of what sort of company you’re trusting with your delivery. A reliable man and van company in London is easy to find and picking out the company you feel most confident can give you peace of mind while you wait for your windows to arrive.