Six Reasons You Need Replacement Windows for Your Home

Six Reasons You Need Replacement Windows for Your Home

Windows are a very important aspect of our homes. Not only do they serve as ventilation; they also add to the beauty of our homes, offer us protection against various hazards, reflect our styles and personalities, and more. Also, when they are effective (that is, high performing), the benefits are numerous.

When thinking of updating your windows but you aren’t certain if the upgrade is necessary, here is a checklist of six points to keep in mind as you decide:

Protection Against Burglary

Burglary is a problem faced by many UK citizens. In fact, the number of domestic burglary incidents in England and Wales for the year ending March 2016, according to the Office for National Statistics, is 701,000.

Therefore, it’s essential that you reinforce your windows as best you can. For instance, by upgrading to double glazing and laminated or tempered glass, which are tougher and more burglar resistant than single-paned windows and traditional glass.

Energy Efficiency

How energy efficient are your windows? Recent window technologies like Low E glass and double glazing (and the thermal breaking and gas fillings that come with it) have made it possible for homeowners to cut down on the energy they use for cooling and heating their homes.

Low E glass reflects heat back into your home, while still allowing in ample heat and natural light from the sun. The air-tightness of double glazing, on the other hand, will help your home maintain its temperature by trapping heat, or cooling your home, and thus, reducing your energy spending on air conditioning.

Your Windows Are Damaged

Damages in a window can come in various forms: fogging, warping, broken glass, cracks in the frames, or perhaps the window is simply timeworn or outdated. Typically, when a window is damaged, the simplest solution is replacing the damaged part. Failure to do so will only mar its energy performance and its elegance- possibly even pose health or safety hazards. Therefore, if your window is damaged, don’t hesitate to replace the defective parts.

Improve the Appearance of Your Home

When looking to enhance the appearance of your home, your windows should rank among the top places to focus on. This is especially true if your windows are outdated or damaged. With modern windows introducing more aesthetic elements like assorted window materials, designs, and frame colours to choose from, no one is going to fault you for updating your windows simply for aesthetic reasons.

Protection from Outside Noise

If you reside in a noisy environment that is close to traffic, a railway, or an airport; or you simply value your privacy and want to shut out the world’s babbles while in your home, then upgrading your windows to make them sound proof is ideal.  The combination of double glazing and acoustic glass makes that possible.

Protection from UV Light

We all know that UV light is damaging both to the human skin and to our properties. Thanks to modern window technology, homeowners can now upgrade to solar control glass, which basically lets in natural daylight only, by reflecting and filtering the sun’s rays. If your home has a large glazed area or a glass roof, then upgrading to solar control glass becomes a necessity.

Now that you know the points to deliberate on and the signs to look out for when considering whether or not to find replacements for your windows, it’s time to get to work and actually discover and replace those parts of your windows that need your attention. Don’t hesitate. High-performance windows ensure your comfort in your home. Don’t compromise that.

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