Five Ways to Make Your Windows Burglar Proof

Five Ways to Make Your Windows Burglar Proof

When looking to burglar proof your home, your windows rank among the top places you should focus on, since windows are one of the most common ways burglars break into homes. This is especially true when your building is a bungalow or when you live on the ground floor of a multi-storey building.

With the Office for National Statistics putting the number of domestic burglary incidents for the year ending March 2016 in England and Wales at 701,000, protecting your home against such incidents has never been more important.

Here are five ways you can do that:

Use Reinforced Glass

There are two major types of glass reinforcements you can use for your windows–tempered glass and laminated glass (also known as safety glass). While they are both more expensive than traditional glass, they are much tougher to break. In fact, such glass can withstand repeated strikes from a burglar wielding a hammer or an axe. Although it can eventually break, the noise from the repeated strike is enough to alert you and your neighbours, so you can call for help in time.

Install Window Bars

When you have iron bars installed on your windows, your home becomes even more burglar resistant. While a burglar may be able to shatter your window glass, squeezing through the iron bars or dismantling them from the window, in order to pass, is difficult enough to make any burglar give up. If you fear that iron bars will mar the beauty of your home, then you should be happy to learn that there are many companies out there which make decorative ones.

Install Multiple Locks

If you are security conscious, then you might want to consider installing multiple locks on your windows to make them more secure. That way, if one lock gives in to a force, the others would still hold your window shut.

Install Window Alarms

Window alarms are very essential to the safety of every home. Not only will such alarms go off when a window is broken or opened, and thus warning you of a possible break in, it can also startle burglars and cause them to flee to avoid detection. Some alarms can also automatically send a call for help to the police or your alarm provider, in the event of a break in, whether you are at home or not.

Use Floodlights

Apart from an alarm going off, another thing that scares burglars is light. Have floodlights installed over your windows. If possible, install motion detector lighting. That way, any burglar who comes near your window will be too startled by the lights turning on, to continue with his or her devious plans.

While there are other ways to make your windows burglar proof, the five mentioned above will go a long way. You can combine any two or more ways, to achieve better protection. It all depends on how much you are willing to invest in the security of your home. The truth is: no investment is too much for that purpose.

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