About us

Who are We?

Crystal Windows is an online directory and vetting company for high quality trusted window services in the UK. We seek to connect individuals and businesses looking for expert window services with professionals in the industry.

At Crystal Windows, we are known for testing the quality of windows made by our members and the level of service they offer. We practice a strict vetting process to guarantee top class services for visitors on our website.

Our Vetting Process

We are more than just a window-testing company. Our methods are holistic and cover all aspects of our members’ business. In addition to testing the materials and equipment for window production, we check members’ business policies, staff competence, health & safety standards and pricing. We go a step further to verify their customer service standards by interviewing customers they have worked for in the past.

Our scheme recognises the importance of excellent service, so we take issues like response time and customer satisfaction seriously. By conducting this verification exercise, we guarantee users high quality and satisfying window services from our members.

Locating Window Service Professionals

Our site makes it easier for users anywhere in the UK to locate window service professionals in their area. This can be achieved without hassles or doubt to their credibility. We maintain a profile page of all our members which include the details of their business and services they offer. Customers can also give feedback and ratings on the level of satisfaction they received on members’ profile page.

Conflict Resolution Between Members and Customers

Our job involves a mediatory role between disputing parties on our service network. If a customer expresses dissatisfaction about a service or if a member has a query, we provide fair hearing and try to resolve the issue with professional standards.
We have an expert counselling team that proffers mediatory solutions for any kind of service issue.

More than just Vetting

In our tradition with providing quality window services to people around the UK, our responsibility transcends just business vetting. We continuously meet with our member professionals to give service advice which helps build relationships among their customers.

Besides awareness, Crystal Windows improves the quality of business of its members. By doing so, our members build a reputation about their name which fosters repeat services and word of mouth referrals from satisfied customers.

Completely Independent

Crystal Windows is 100% independent- we have no ‘owners’, shareholders or government units influencing our decisions. This means we are fully committed to serving the best interests of both our members and consumers. You are assured of receiving valuable advice here at Crystal windows.

By streamlining the information seeking process for excellent window services, we prevent consumers from making the wrong choice and falling victims of fraudulent practices. Crystal Windows also empowers the average consumer on what to expect from their service providers.

From professional networks to quality window materials, guidance and quotes, our site is a one-stop shop for reliable information where window services are concerned.