Want your Home Windows to be long lasting? Focus on these 7 Major Areas

Want your Home Windows to be long lasting? Focus on these 7 Major Areas

Window maintenance is an important task that every homeowner should undertake. Think about the cracked panes, squeaking hinges, rusty handles and unbalanced rollers. All these defects can be a disaster in waiting, not forgetting the probability of accidents that can occur. The cost of replacing such parts can be huge, but you can avoid the problem with regular maintenance and some common sense. The following are major areas that you should regularly check to ensure durable windows.

Condensation on Glass Windows

Water droplets condense on the windows when humidity is extremely high. Some of the areas that are prone to high condensation are the bathroom, kitchen, and the garage. Condensed water causes rusting which weakens parts such as the hinges and rollers. You can use fans or a dehumidifier to get rid of the excess water in the environment.

Window Screens

The screen is a vital part of your window as it allows air into your home while at the same time, restricting bugs. With time, the screen traps dust and debris which restricts free airflow. You should clean them often and replace them when defective. Use warm to hot water and a soft brush to scrub both sides. Rinse the screens thoroughly using a hose before reinstallation. Follow the user guidelines when removing window screens to avoid damage.

Weather Strips

A weather strip acts as a shield that prevents the external weather variations from adversely affecting the indoors. Think about the extremely low temperatures during the winter months or excessive heat in summer- you need energy efficiency. You do not need an expert to maintain these parts because regular cleaning is normally just enough. Always replace the weather stripping when it becomes ineffective.

Exterior Frames

Whether you have wooden or metallic frames cleaning twice per year is usually enough. Make sure finishes are updated, especially on wood windows, as recommended by the manufacturer.

Locks and latches

Movement of these parts can cause wear and tear and significant degradation of the entire system. Frequent lubrication is essential as it ensures that they move swiftly and with lower friction. You should tighten loose latches before the situation gets out of hand. Broken locks call for an immediate replacement to ensure that your house is always safe and secure.


Window blinds are a major component of your home, and they say much about your personality and taste. The only maintenance that such parts require is regular cleaning using an antiseptic spray. Although not an integral part of your windows, we thought they were worth a mention.


A broken window pane can lead to high energy costs due to draughts and reduced window insulation functionality. Professionals are best suited to replace panes because the task is technical. Never leave broken or cracked windows, get them sorted as soon as possible. They can be very dangerous.

Keeping your windows in good shape enhances their efficiency and also keeps your house secure. Some tasks demand professional help while others are simple and you can do them by yourself.

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