5 Reasons to Get Roman Blinds for Your New Windows

5 Reasons to Get Roman Blinds for Your New Windows

If you are thinking about investing in modern and stylish windows, you will be overwhelmed for options, as there are a number of choices to choose from. But if you want window function that is both simple and practical, while providing a high level of privacy, then should consider Roman blinds.

Roman blinds are typically made from fabric and mounted on the window in such a way that when the shade string is pulled, the fabric folds in a really attractive way. This form of window functionality which has been around for centuries, and can be traced back to early Rome from where it got its name, now come in a wide range of styles and options, so that a new set of Roman blinds can give your home a whole new look and feel.

There are several reasons why Roman blinds should be your first consideration for lasting quality and simplicity in window covers, least of which is the affordability.

  • Timeless appeal

If you want that same timeless appeal much loved by the Roman upper class, then you will love Roman blinds on your windows. ,

Even though Roman blinds are quite popular, you can be rest assured that they will never go out of fashion. The key is to choose your fabric with carefully it lasts long enough.

  • Limitless design options

As we have already established, Roman blinds come in a wide variety of styles and designs so that you are almost overwhelmed for choice. This is perhaps the main benefit of Roman blinds. In fact, when you choose your design, you can opt for either a masculine or a feminine theme.

That said, three of the more common roman blind styles are:

  • The hobbled fold: This is the more popular option and is made up of loops of fabric that reaches all the way down to the blind.
  • The flat fold: This is a more contemporary style and is made up of just one piece of fabric, installed in patterns.
  • Relaxed fold: This style of Roman blind provides a casual, minimalist look, as the traditional dowel rods are replaced with simple cords running down either side of the drapes.

Roman blinds can also be made out of virtually any kind of fabric, and you will be hard pressed to find one that will not suit your space.

  • Affordable

As a rule, Roman blinds use less fabric than other forms of window blinds. In fact, opting for Roman blinds mean using 25% less fabric. This may not look like much at first, but if you have quite a number of windows, 25% can add up to a lot in savings.

So, if you are interested in blinds that will not put too much strain on your finance, Roman blinds are a cheaper option.

However, that Roman blinds are affordable does not mean they are only for the budget conscious. Roman blinds are actually ideal for any type of budget and you can even create bespoke pieces. The key is to look for a reliable window blinds specialists and make the most of their expertise. For example, in New Zealand, industry professionals such as Smart Blinds come well recommended.

  • Maintenance friendly

When choosing a window blind, one of the factors to consider is ease of maintenance.

For most people, their daily routine is so busy that there is barely time to do chores around the house. But that is no reason to have a dirty and unkempt window.

Whether you have all the time in the world on your hands, or time is scarce with you, maintaining Roman blinds will not be a hassle, as they are among the easiest to clean.

This singular benefit makes them a lot more hygienic than curtains. They don’t collect as much dust and pollens and are ideal for people that suffer from airborne allergies.

  • Perfect for every room and every kind of window

While it is true that other forms of blinds are also great looking, you will be hard pressed to find an alternative to Roman blinds that can work well in every room and for every type of window. In fact, they are so versatile that you can use them in the bedrooms or bathrooms.

Roman blinds can also beautify almost any kind of window, effectively giving your modern home a traditional curated look.

Roman blinds do vary in how modern or classic they are, so you should properly check for details like how they fold when they raise, before making your selections.

Wrapping up

In the spirit of fairness, it is important to point out that Roman blinds do have certain safety considerations. For example, a typical Roman blind come with a system of cords, rings and sometimes dowel rods that can cause safety risk for toddlers and pets. You should keep this in mind when making your choice.

But despite this small factor, a Roman blind will definitely change your work or living space, and for good too.

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