8 Amazing Ways to Create Space in an Office with Large Windows

8 Amazing Ways to Create Space in an Office with Large Windows

An office is like a second home to most people, so it’s important to make it as comfortable as possible. Imagine a room with so many pieces of equipment and furniture squeezed together with barely any space to move around. It isn’t a pleasant site, is it? It always looks so unorganized and dirty. Oftentimes you are bound to hit something or break something. If something gets lost in such a room, you just have to buy a new one since the probability of finding it is next to nil. So how do you make a squeezed out room, with large windows, look spacious and at the same time modish?


To create space in an office, the storage system in the office should be both flexible and well organized. The use of wall shelves to store paperwork or documents is better. This is more like an open storage system that enables you to store all kinds of things. It saves on space and if well maintained can be very tidy. Drawers can also be added to the shelves to safe keep important documents or private things. Also, storage boxes can be used to store stationaries and other small equipment that get lost easily. But if you cannot fit everything in, do not let your space become cluttered. It’s better to get some cheap self-storage from a provider such as storing.com


If the office has dark painted walls, it will appear too small, but if the color is vibrant and large windows are installed, it will look big despite its actual size. For example, most small offices paint their office white, and by installing large windows, natural light will be reflected throughout the office making it look spacious, cozy and classy. The wall can be painted in different professional colors that easily reflect light. So if you want to create space go bright and vibrant but still maintain professionalism. You don’t want your office looking like a child care center.

Office Arrangement

The office should be arranged in a manner that creates an illusion of space. For example, you can place the office desk near the large windows and the office storage wall on one side. This will make the office more spacious. When arranging your office, you need to be careful on how you place your office furniture. Also, consider hanging the television on the wall instead of placing it on a television stand. This will help create much-needed space in the office and protect the television from damage.

Office furniture

The office furniture should go hand in hand with the size of the office. If the office is small, there is no need for a large office desk. A medium-sized or small office desk will still work to your standards. Moreover, the desk can be made in a way that it can also store some of your office equipment and documents which will save on space and also give the desk a modern office look.

Office plants

Due to the large windows in the office, it’s advisable to have small short plants. The plants make the office look stylish and beautiful which increases productivity in the office. Additionally, the large windows will let in enough light so the plants will not die. The office plants create a sense of neutrality, which is complemented by the lighting from the office. Ideally, there is natural fresh air in the office. This will also create much-needed space in the office since the plants can be placed on the desk or near the window, anywhere that they look presentable.


The office needs to have good lighting. Large windows maybe fitted but don’t offer a good lighting system as a result of different reasons such as being translucent or having been blocked by another building. The best ways to correct this is to redo the windows with transparent glasses or introduce other forms of artificial light that don’t irritate the eyes. It’s very important for an office to have enough light, look spacious and well organized as this helps boost productivity. To maximise light, have your windows regularly cleaned by a professional company. We would recommend a local accredited firm such The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company who are based in Cardiff, South Wales.

Open spacing

If more than one person is using the office, it’s better to use an open space layout. This will save on space and cost. This will make it easier for your staff to communicate and increase productivity in the office. Even better, lighting from well-cleaned windows can be reflected everywhere in the office making the office look spacious and manageable at the same time. An open space layout is a brilliant idea when creating space in an office set up.


An office needs small embellishments such as paintings, artifacts and other types of decors. The decorations help eliminate dullness office making it look stylish and modern. Attractive paintings give beautify the office and are appealing to anyone visiting the room. Office curtains should blend well with the office color. Curtains or office blinds helps prevent glare and regulate light coming into the office, costs can stack up so make sure to shop around, you can get the best prices on cellular shades here. A well decorated office looks large and cozy. However, this doesn’t mean you overdo everything

If you want to create space in your office, you should consider the above. Also, make sure the office is well organized and lit. Anything that you don’t need in the office should be stored in a self-storage unit to increase office space.

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