Top Tips on How to Make Your Bedroom Look Glamorous

Top Tips on How to Make Your Bedroom Look Glamorous

Some people are born to shine. They are full of beauty, excitement, and charm. And most of the time, their personality is reflected in their wardrobes, accessories, and rooms. If you are one of these people (or aspire to be one of them), it’s time to give your bedroom a little makeover to make it look more glamorous. However, you must be extra careful in adding sparkles, glitz, and shine to your interior design, and you don’t want it to look suffocating and over-the-top. Remember that too much of anything can lead to disastrous results. The key is to find the proper balance between the elements.

Here are some tips you can follow to add extra glamour to your bedroom:

Make big statements

Do not be afraid to go bold and loud with colours and patterns. Choosing the right colour pattern is a big part of setting up a room’s overall ambience and mood. You can look for inspiration in magazines or websites, but whatever pattern inspires you, always follow the 60-30-10 rule. This simple rule dictates that you should use a three-colour palette. Use the most dominant colour to decorate 60% of the room, the second colour to decorate 30%, and the last colour should be used as an accent to the remaining 10%. If unsure of your choices, refer to the colour wheel or ask an expert’s advice.

Play with shapes

Different shapes can infuse a lot of personality in your bedroom. Avoid typical and boring furniture and look for pieces with unique styles and more character. You can look for furniture with many angles, uncommon structures, playful curves, and interesting visuals. Adding elegant decor items like vases, mirrors, and silk lampshades is the easiest trick. Experts suggest that you stick with three repeating shapes and patterns to give your bedroom a sense of uniformity and cohesion.

Let your room shine

A room won’t be considered glamorous if it doesn’t shine. Adding enough shine factor can make your bedroom demand attention. There are several ways to make this work. First, you can play around with your lighting elements. Hide a bold light fixture above the bed or study table to make a statement. Then, incorporate more metals and crystals to create a mesmerising visual illusion. Finally, ensure that enough natural light can shine over your room. This will give your room a refreshing feel.

Balance is the key

Adding glamour to your bedroom can be exciting and fun. However, it would help if you resisted the temptation to over-design your space. Adding too many pieces, using too many colours, and having too many elements can be overwhelming and confusing. Focusing on the room’s beauty will be hard if too many elements are vying for your attention. The solution is finding a sense of balance that suits your taste and style. It would help if you took a moment to step back and assess the appearance and ambience of the room before taking another step.

Final thoughts

There are a lot of glamorous items you can find. However, the real challenge lies in putting everything together.


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