Sash Windows in Kingston Upon Thames

Sash Windows in Kingston Upon Thames

Sash Windows Kingston Upon Thames serves Kingston Upon Thames residents by replacing and restoring their traditional sash windows. Whether you need to draft proof, replace or a complete overhaul we provide full service to meet your every window need. Our company transforms your drab windows into something stunning and useful, increasing the value of your home in the process.
We can swap your windows with well-painted double sash glazed windows that exceed your expectations. As an established sash window company in Kingston Upon Thames, that has been operating for many years, we adhere strictly to the local building regulations. Your home is in safe hands if you choose our service. Our sash window enterprise works with –

The customer’s needs come first

We listen to our customers needs in order to ensure that we give them sash windows that are beautiful and efficient. As one of the best companies in our industry, we provide suggestions that prevent draught from entering the house during winter as well as make your home look beautiful. The centre of our business lies with our customer’s interest.

We account for our work

We believe in our installation and restoration services. Get a firsthand look at our quality of service authenticity the moment you hire us. At Sash Windows Kingston Upon Thames, we promise to never compromise our value. Providing our customers with the utmost quality they need is one of our treasured principles.

Outstanding Professionalism

Enjoy a successful job with everything you had in mind implemented by us. Using our skilled professionals to attend effectively to our customers is just one way we accomplish this. No matter the complexity of the project, our team will get the job done.

Unwavering Quest for Quality

Our Kingston Upon Thames clients have witnessed our sash window quality and understand that we pursue quality relentlessly with great results. We have formed a strong relationships with some of our customers who live in Kingston Upon Thames given that our company was created years ago. Our levels of service have led to lasting relationships.

Draught Proofing and Overhauling Sash Windows

Get better rattle elimination and insulation when you draft proof your home. Sash windows also make your home sound proof. Our system of draft proofing your home at Sash Windows Kingston Upon Thames is a specialised method. We specialise in gap-sealing the window surround so that cold air can in no way get through. As part of the process of draft proofing, we fix cords and do sash sizing so that opening the window is smooth. Having operated in Kingston Upon Thames for years, we have resolved cases of faulty sash windows in many homes.

Our double glazed versions

If you are a Kingston Upon Thames resident, then you have the opportunity to get your sash window double glazed by our staff. It is a fact that single glazed windows only provide minor insulation. On the other hand, double glazing makes the home feel a lot warmer, improves energy efficiency and provides better thermal insulation. No two companies are alike when it comes to double glazing. Your best bet is often to go with the tried and tested company that has been around for years. After all you get five times more heat efficiency when you double your glaze.

Sound Proof Sash Windows

The inner city areas can be busy at times, or you might have noisy neighbours, whichever is the case, our services include reduction of noise disturbance. We are able to insulate hundreds of sash windows at a time in both commercial and residential Kingston Upon Thames properties. These renovations have helped to sound proof windows and make living conditions better for inhabitants of the buildings. Our noise reduction process entails fitting an acoustic glass that reduces sound and resembles regular glass. Soundproofing isn’t as easy as it seems and requires the technical expertise of an experienced service to complete successfully.


You can easily add our shutters to a contemporary or traditional designed home because they are custom-made. We can deliver quality shutters in any number of finishes that will look beautiful in your home, whether you prefer custom-built shutter frames, sandblasting, or a specific type of wood stain or colour. Plus, we can manually modify our shutters and use remote controls automatically. You can give us a call if your home’s sash windows in Kingston Upon Thames could use new shutters.

Thinking Secondary Glazing for Sash Windows

Our secondary glazing causes little effect on the original appearance of the windows while also providing maximum sound insulation. We can give your home a double glazed effect with the windows still matching the design you currently have. A big advantage of secondary glazing is minimising noise pollution to the barest minimum. It will also improve energy-efficiency by reducing heat loss.
Secondary glazing satisfies the laws of Heritage and Conservation given that it does not interfere with the character of your building. If you are living in Kingston Upon Thames and want to renovate your home, whether it is modern or traditionally styled, we can fit or renovate sash windows to make it beautiful. Straight forward and simple, our initial process begins with a free consultation. Get in touch with us through the following contact details –

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