Sash Windows Cannock Sash Windows Cannock

Sash Windows Cannock Sash Windows Cannock

In Cannock, Sash Windows Cannock restores and replaces traditional home sash windows for your convenience. Whether it is a complete overhaul or draught proofing to outright replacements, we deliver full service to address all your needs. We transform your sash windows from super drab to ultra attractive and efficient.
Your existing drab windows can be replaced with brand new double-glazed, well-painted installations that transform your entire house into something gorgeous. Rest assured your home is in great hands when you have your windows replaced by our company which has been in the business for years in Cannock. Your home is in safe hands if you choose our service. Our traditional sash company operates by –

Listening to our customer needs

We listen to our customers needs in order to ensure that we give them sash windows that are beautiful and efficient. As an authority in our field, we provide suggestions that prevent draught from seeping in during winter, as well as improve the general outlook of the home. The core of our service is your interests coming first.

We account for our work

We believe in our installation and restoration services. When you hire us for our sash window services, you will realise you are protected by authenticity of the value and professional conduct we represent. We compromise nothing when it comes to values of our Sash Windows Cannock. One of our defining principles is ensuring clients get the top quality service they deserve.

Absolute Professionalism

Enjoy a successful job with everything you had in mind implemented by us. Using our skilled professionals to attend effectively to our customers is just one way we accomplish this. Our team will find a solution no matter how technical the project is.

Always Providing Quality

Clients in Cannock know our sash window service quality and they know that we don’t rest until we have achieved success. Since our company was started many years ago, we have formed long-term relationships with several customers who live in Cannock. Our commitment to quality service and customer service has built lasting relationships.

Draught Proofing and Overhauling Sash Windows

Draught proofing brings many benefits – noise reduction, prevention of dirt and dust, elimination of annoying rattles and better insulation. At Sash Windows Cannock, we use a specialised process for draught proofing system. We seal the surrounding window gaps so that it is hard for drafts and cold air to get into your home. Various renovations are done by us as part of the draft proofing service including proper sash sizing and fixing cords of the window so that there are smooth openings. In Cannock, we have fixed sash windows in more than a few homes for years, with great results.

Our double glazed versions

If you live in Cannock, it is possible to have your sash windows double glazed by our team. It is known that single glazed windows only offer limited insulation. Double glazing provides better thermal insulation, improves energy efficiency and makes the home a feel lot warmer. The service and the solution used often determine the results that one gets from double glazing since it is different depending on the place. Regardless of the solution used, it is assured to offer between 3 to 5 times greater thermal insulation than windows that are single glazed.

Sound Proofing Sash Windows

Your neighbours might be loud or busy inner city noise might permeate your home, whichever the case, we aim at reducing noise disturbance. We have provided Cannock residents with a considerable number of sash window insulation services including both commercial and residential projects. These renovations have made living conditions better for the building residents by reducing noise through the sound proofing of windows. We fit your windows with sound-reducing acoustic glass during our sound insulation process. Not only will you be able to soundproof your space successfully, you will love the way the glass looks normal. Enjoy peace and quiet finally with Sash Windows Cannock.

Thinking Shutters

You can easily add our shutters to a contemporary or traditional designed home because they are custom-made. We have various types of finishes, so if you want custom-built or sandblasted shutter frames, a specific type of wood stain or colour, we can provide attractive shutters that will improve the look of your home. Plus, we can manually modify our shutters and use remote controls automatically. Don’t hesitate to contact us if your home in Cannock could use new shutters for the sash windows.

Sash window secondary glazes

Maximise sound insulation with the secondary glazing we can provide you with, while have the least effect on the original window appearance. We accomplish this by giving the window a “double-glazing” or double window effect by fitting a fully independent frame. The primary benefit of secondary glazing is reducing noise to the lowest possible level. It also promotes energy-efficiency by lowering the loss of heat.
Secondary glazing meets the laws of Heritage and Conservation as it doesn’t change your building’s character. Whether modern or classic, we can renovate your house in Cannock with gorgeous sash windows that do the job they are meant to do while looking great in the process. Our simple process starts with a free initial consultation. Interested in finding out more? Contact us at our address below.

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