Sash Windows by Sash Windows Portsmouth

Sash Windows by Sash Windows Portsmouth

Sash Windows Portsmouth specialises in replacing and restoring traditional sash windows for homes in Portsmouth. Whether you need to draft proof, replace or a complete overhaul we provide full service to meet your every window need. Our role is to transform your traditional sash windows from looking dated to attractive and efficient.
Your existing drab windows can be replaced with brand new double-glazed, well-painted installations that transform your entire house into something gorgeous. We adhere to strict local regulations and have been operating for many years in Portsmouth, establishing ourselves as your company of choice for sash windows. We assure you that you are in good hands. Our sash window company operates by –

Listening to our customer needs

We focus on the needs of our customers by working with them to produce sash windows that aren’t only functional but are also beautiful. As a leading company in our industry, we strive to improve the general outlook of your home by providing suggestions that will save your home from draught seeping in during winter. The customers’ interests form the core of our services.

No Compromise

We stand behind our installation and product services. When you hire us for our sash window services, you will realise you are protected by authenticity of the value and professional conduct we represent. At Sash Windows Portsmouth, we vow to deliver our best and stay true to our word. Providing our customers with the utmost quality they need is one of our treasured principles.

Outstanding Professionalism

We make it our responsibility to succeed in any sash window project we are hired to solve. This has to do with using our professional skills to follow through on what we promise you. No matter how complicated, our team will find a solution.

Top Quality or Nothing

Our clients in Portsmouth respect the reputation of our work and know we will not give up until we find a solution. When it comes to sash window installations we search for effective, convenient methods of getting the job done in a way that will produce windows able to endure the test of time and the rigours of weather condition. Our levels of service have led to lasting relationships.

Overhauling and Draught Proofing Sash Windows

Sash windows create sound proof homes as well as offer great insulation from drafts as well as eliminating annoying rattling sounds from outside. At Sash Windows Portsmouth, our draught proofing system is a customised process. We seal the gaps that surround a window so that it almost impossible for cold air and draught to penetrate your home. Some renovations can also be done as part of our draught proofing service, including properly sizing the sashes and fixing the sash window cords to make the window open smoothly. We have resolved cases of faulty sash windows in many houses given that we have operated in Portsmouth for years.

Sash windows double glazed

It is possible to have your sash window double glazed by our team if you live in Portsmouth. It is known that single glazed windows only offer limited insulation. Double glazes makes the room feel warmer and saves on your next electric bill. Companies that do double glazing are not all the same. Each offers varied results depending on the used solutions. No matter the solution used, it is guaranteed to provide 3 – 5 times thermal insulation than any single glazed windows.

Making Your Windows Sound Proof

Say goodbye to noisy neighbours the moment you have us do sash window installations. Living conditions become so much better when you hire a company to do what it does best. We are able to insulate hundreds of sash windows at a time in both commercial and residential Portsmouth properties. Our renovations have aided in making living conditions better for home owners by sound proofing windows. We fit your windows with sound-reducing acoustic glass during our sound insulation process. Not only will you be able to soundproof your space successfully, you will love the way the glass looks normal. Enjoy peace and quiet finally with Sash Windows Portsmouth.

Shutters for your Windows

Our shutters are custom-made and can ideally be incorporated into a traditional or contemporary designed home. We have a wide range of finishes, so if you prefer a specific type of colour or wood stain, sandblasting or custom-built shutter frames, we can deliver excellent shutters that will look amazing in your home. Furthermore, our shutters can be operated either manually, or automatically using remote controller. You can give us a call if your home’s sash windows in Portsmouth could use new shutters.

Secondary glaze for your window

Our secondary glazing provides sash windows with maximum sound insulation, while having minimal effect on the original appearance of the windows. We can give your home a double glazed effect with the windows still matching the design you currently have. Minimising noise pollution effectively is the biggest advantage of secondary glazing. It also reduces the amount of heat lost, thus improving energy-efficiency.
Secondary glazing meets the laws of Heritage and Conservation as it doesn’t change your building’s character. Enjoy sash windows that are both beautiful and useful whether you have a modern or traditional home in Portsmouth. Our simple process starts with a free initial consultation. Get in touch with us through the following contact details –

Finding Us –

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Contact – Jason Bell
Name of Business – Sash Windows Portsmouth
Main Phone – 0800 061 4053
Company Email Address – [email protected]
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