Sash Windows Blackpool Sash Windows Blackpool

Sash Windows Blackpool Sash Windows Blackpool

Sash Windows Blackpool is well-known for restoring and replacing traditional sash windows for Blackpool homes. We deliver to your address with full service, whether it is full service, draft proofing or a total overall. Our company transforms your drab windows into something stunning and useful, increasing the value of your home in the process.
We can effectively restore your existing windows or swap them with brand new, well-painted double glazed sash windows that meet your expectations. We adhere to strict local regulations and have been operating for many years in Blackpool, establishing ourselves as your company of choice for sash windows. You can be assured that your home is in experienced hands. Our sash window enterprise works with –

Put the customer first

We put our clients’ needs first by producing sash windows after working with them that are beautiful as well as functional. With the years of experience we have, we improve your home’s general outlook and prevent drafts from coming in during the colder months. Your needs come first when it comes to window replacement done by our company.

We account for our work

We stand behind our installation and product services. When you choose our services, it will be clear that you are guaranteed by our professional conduct and the authenticity that we represent. At Sash Windows Blackpool, we do not compromise our value and we promise to stay true to our word. Ensuring our customers receive the quality they deserve is one of our defining principles.


When we receive a request for a sash window project, we take it on with the responsibility to make that job a success. We take your needs into consideration and make sure that the sash project you request is exactly as you imagined it to be and more. Our team will find a solution no matter how technical the project is.

Always Providing Quality

Our clients in Blackpool have seen the quality of our sash windows and know that we don’t relent till we provide excellent results. We have formed a strong relationships with some of our customers who live in Blackpool given that our company was created years ago. Our levels of service have led to lasting relationships.

Sash windows draft proof your home

Get better rattle elimination and insulation when you draft proof your home. Sash windows also make your home sound proof. Our system of draft proofing your home at Sash Windows Blackpool is a specialised method. We prevent draught and cold air from penetrating your home by covering the gaps that surround the window. As part of the process of draft proofing, we fix cords and do sash sizing so that opening the window is smooth. In Blackpool, we have fixed sash windows in more than a few homes for years, with great results.

Our double glazed versions

If you live in Blackpool, it is possible to have your sash windows double glazed by our team. Get a more efficient home with a double glazing. Single glazed windows are simply not as efficient as a double glazed window. Make your space more energy efficient by double glazing your sash windows today. The service and the solution used often determine the results that one gets from double glazing since it is different depending on the place. Regardless of the solution used, it is assured to offer between 3 to 5 times greater thermal insulation than windows that are single glazed.

Making Your Windows Sound Proof

It can be busy in the inner cities at time or you may have neighbours that are just too noisy. No matter what the reason is, you will get reduced noise when you double glaze your sash windows. We have provided Blackpool residents with a considerable number of sash window insulation services including both commercial and residential projects. The best part is that you get more efficient living space and increase the value of your home in the process. We fit your windows with sound-reducing acoustic glass during our sound insulation process. Not only will you be able to soundproof your space successfully, you will love the way the glass looks normal. Enjoy peace and quiet finally with Sash Windows Blackpool.

Window Shutters

You can easily add our shutters to a contemporary or traditional designed home because they are custom-made. We have a wide range of finishes, so if you prefer a specific type of colour or wood stain, sandblasting or custom-built shutter frames, we can deliver excellent shutters that will look amazing in your home. You can choose remote controls shutter for automatic operation, or opt for manual shutters. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Sash Windows Glazing- Secondary

Our secondary glazing does not interfere with the window’s original appearance and offers maximum noise insulation to sash windows. We accomplish this by giving the window a “double-glazing” or double window effect by fitting a fully independent frame. Minimising noise pollution effectively is the biggest advantage of secondary glazing. It will also improve energy-efficiency by reducing heat loss.
Secondary glazing does not change the character of your building, hence if you live in a listed structure; it satisfies the laws of Heritage and Conservation. We can improve the beauty of your home if you reside in Blackpool and are planning to renovate your home, whether it is modern or traditionally styled. Our simple process starts with a free initial consultation. Contact us via our address below if you would like to inquire more.

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