Berkshire Sash Windows

Berkshire Sash Windows

Sash Windows Berkshire is well-known for restoring and replacing traditional sash windows for Berkshire homes. We deliver to your address with full service, whether it is full service, draft proofing or a total overall. Our company transforms your drab windows into something stunning and useful, increasing the value of your home in the process.
We can make your home look great by replacing or restoring your existing windows with a double glazed sash that is well painted to look beautiful. As one of the leading sash window companies in Berkshire, which has been serving the community for many years, we uphold and respect local building regulations. Rely on years of expertise as we transform your house. Our sash window enterprise works with –

Understanding customer needs

We listen to our customers needs in order to ensure that we give them sash windows that are beautiful and efficient. As a leading company in our industry, we strive to improve the general outlook of your home by providing suggestions that will save your home from draught seeping in during winter. Your needs come first when it comes to window replacement done by our company.

We Stand Behind Our Products

We believe in our installation and restoration services. Get a firsthand look at our quality of service authenticity the moment you hire us. We do not compromise our values at Sash Windows Berkshire and are authentic as well as transparent. One of our defining principles is assuring our customers of the highest quality they deserve.

Total Professionalism

We make it our responsibility to succeed in any sash window project we are hired to solve. This includes using our skills to provide our customers with the best. Our team will find a solution no matter how technical the project is.

Unwavering Quest for Quality

Our clients in Berkshire have seen the quality of our sash windows and know that we don’t relent till we provide excellent results. We search for convenient, effective methods with research in order to produce windows able to withstand the weather conditions no matter what they are. Our commitment to customer service and quality has built strong client relationships.

Efficient Draught Proofing of Sash Windows

The advantages that come with draught proofing include prevention of dirt and dust from entering the home, elimination of annoying rattles, better insulation and sound proofing. At Sash Windows Berkshire, we use a specialised process for draught proofing system. We specialise in gap-sealing the window surround so that cold air can in no way get through. Various renovations are done by us as part of the draft proofing service including proper sash sizing and fixing cords of the window so that there are smooth openings. We have resolved cases of faulty sash windows in many houses given that we have operated in Berkshire for years.

Sash windows double glazed

If you are a Berkshire resident, then you have the opportunity to get your sash window double glazed by our staff. Get better thermal insulation when you double glaze your windows. After all, everyone knows how limited insulation is with single glazed windows. Double glazing provides better thermal insulation, improves energy efficiency and makes the home a feel lot warmer. No two companies are alike when it comes to double glazing. Your best bet is often to go with the tried and tested company that has been around for years. It is designed to give three to five times more thermal insulation than other single glazed windows, no matter the solution used.

Making Your Windows Sound Proof

The inner city areas can be busy at times, or you might have noisy neighbours, whichever is the case, our services include reduction of noise disturbance. We have performed a considerable number of sash window insulation projects on both residential and commercial properties in Berkshire. Get help soundproofing your space once and for all and this will benefit every resident or worker within the space. We fit your windows with sound-reducing acoustic glass during our sound insulation process. Soundproofing isn’t as easy as it seems and requires the technical expertise of an experienced service to complete successfully.

Window Shutters

Whether your home is modern or classic, we provide custom made shutters that look absolutely stunning. Select from a broad array of finishes and stains including sandblasted custom made frames, specific colours, a wood stain or any other amazing style you had in mind. You can choose remote controls shutter for automatic operation, or opt for manual shutters. If you are in Berkshire, and want new sash window shutters, we are the company to call.

Thinking Secondary Glazing for Sash Windows

Our secondary glazing provides sash windows with maximum sound insulation, while having minimal effect on the original appearance of the windows. We can give your home a double glazed effect with the windows still matching the design you currently have. Minimising noise pollution effectively is the biggest advantage of secondary glazing. It also promotes energy-efficiency by lowering the loss of heat.
Secondary glazing meets the laws of Heritage and Conservation as it doesn’t change your building’s character. If you live in Berkshire and are currently renovating your home, whether it is traditionally or modern styled, we can renovate or fit in sash windows to improve its beauty. We employ a straightforward process with the first consultation free of charge. Contact us via our address below if you would like to inquire more.

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